DSU Company-group came from a Hungarian family undertaking onto existence, with that aim to produce fasteners for the automotive, assembling and building industry, adequately for the highest qualitative requirements. Our products are well known in an increasingly wider range on the past decade, due to the reliability, accuracy and modernity. The intensifying industrial claims into our products, gave reasons for the group's continuous extension, with a high quality producing galvanizing company, subsidiary company and a professional fastener retailer and wholesaler in Transylvanian (Romania). The Company-group due to the quality oriented production, the constant and high standard product development. We are already planning the production of fasteners of the future, meeting the requirements of the 3rd millennium.


DSU group in numbers


- 4 fastener production site

- 14 000 m2 production and stock area

- 30 years' experience

- 20 years in ISO systems

- 500 000 000 fasteners per year

- 950 satisfied customer

- 25 export destinations

- 120 qualified employers

- 75 engineer students

- 0 ppm guaranteed with optical sorting


» Our Factory
Uniriv Ltd. is the one and only rivet factory in Hungary and in Central Europe. Our company was founded in 1991, employing now 85 people in a 9.300 m2 up-to-date plant, we produce with modern software-controlled automatic cold forming machines our wide range of fasteners, the size and quality of which meets the known standards and regulations. Our special products can be used to solve any kind of fastening problems. Special size or material quality does not mean a problem for our specialists. Our activities also include: special surface treatments (washing, abrasion), heat treatment processes, as well as the unique-in-region high performance optical selection.
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The galvanizing factory was formed in 1997 with the aim to attend the plaiting needs of Uniriv Ltd. The manufactory was designed and built to meet the strictest environmental requirements. The program controlled automatic production line guarantees excellent quality and the proper composition of the emitted industrial wastewater. Detected the rising market demand, we doubled our capacity with installation of a new line in 2010. Thanks to enlargement we started the preparation a special lacquered, high salt spray resistant coating. The activity currently provides employment for 10 people. When developing the galvanized zinc coat, we took the requirements
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The growing demand on DSU fasteners, rivets and automotive industrial products has resulted in establishing the DSU Mures Ltd. in Marosvásárhely in 2006. With an enthusiastic and innovative staff, the company managed to acquire manufacturing and quality requirements within a short period, making the company recognized and popular with Romanian users and retailers. The DSU Mures similarly to the parent company, which is the only rivet factory in Central Europe deals with the production and retail of blind rivets, mass-produced metal articles, and similar custom-made products. You can find in our assortment beside of our standard product,
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The DSU Group’s professional fastener retailer and wholesaler in Romania. Beyond of DSU Group’s products, fasteners and hand tools for the demanding users industry also can be found in their offers. The company has a considerable stock, they expanding their product range constantly. Onto the service of the customer requirements we have a well-organized, and flexible, transportation system. Our sales clerks' tasks beyond the survey of the customer claims, the vocational counsel, and offer of the most optimized and the most effectual solution. From this aim we have a perfectly equipped Ford Master pickup, and with this car
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